The 4 Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens

I’ve got a real love for making my own pizza. While you can make pizza in your own home oven or even on an indoor grill, nothing compares to the high-heat that outdoor pizza ovens can provide. We’ve all seen the $5,000+ outdoor brick ovens that you can buy or have built but this post is going to focus on much less expensive ovens that can provide very similar results.

best outdoor pizza oven

Typically, most home ovens can reach temperatures of about 500-550 degrees Fahrenheit. That can make a good pizza but it’s not going to make a beautiful and delicious restaurant-style pie. What’s needed, particularly for Neapolitan style pizza, is high heat. I’m talking about 800-900 degrees.

In this post, our experts found and reviewed the best outdoor pizza ovens for the money and found out exactly what makes them tick and the pros and cons of each.

So without further delay, here’s our list of the best outdoor pizza ovens:

Pizzacraft PizzaQue PC6500 Outdoor Pizza Oven

Looking for a solid outdoor pizza oven that can cook pizza in just six minutes? The Pizzacraft PizzaQue PC6500 pre-heats in 15 minutes, and can cook a pizza in 6 minutes. Preheat your oven before you start to prepare your pizza, and you can have pizza faster than if you order pizza over the phone!

This outdoor pizza oven is sure to delight everyone in the family! It is an innovative way to cook pizza, ideal for your back patio, camping, tailgating at your favorite sporting event, or even at a family BBQ! This well-made pizza oven is made of steel, includes a 14-inch cordierite pizza stone, and is propane-fueled.  The makers of PizzaQue recommend that the first time you use your PizzaQue outdoor oven, you place the burner on “high” for twenty minutes, then let it cool down.

Afterwards, the oven is ready to use. It is crucial that the oven is at the correct temperature before you use, as this may affect your pizza. This pizza oven includes an adapter for use with a 20lb propane tank. With approximately 125 reviews on and 4.5 out of 5 stars, this pizza oven is certain to be a family favorite.

Blackstone Outdoor Pizza Oven

Interested in a powerful outdoor pizza oven? The impressive Blackstone Outdoor Pizza Oven features a 60,000 BTU burner to provide even and fast heating and cooking. This very serious, heavy-duty costs more than the Pizzacraft PizzaQue, however it comes with many features including a push button ignitor, durable steel handles, and a powerfully strong motor that requires two ‘D’ batteries, or you can use the electric ignition which requires only one ‘AA’ battery.

The Blackstone Outdoor Pizza Oven rotisserie motor rotates the pizza to evenly distribute heat and cook your pizza to perfection! This pizza oven is not only powerful, but can cook a pizza in half the time of the average pizza oven! In just 2-3 minutes you can pizza can ready to consume!

The Blackstone Oven allows you space to cook up to an enormous 16-inch pizza, which makes it perfect for your family gatherings, holidays, and parties, when you need to make multiple pizzas fast! This intensely awesome outdoor pizza oven weighs 103 pounds and measures 45.5 x 25.5 x 53 inches, and will be a treat for everyone.

I personally own the Blackstone pizza oven and bought it for about $400 a few years ago. The price on this amazing oven has dropped significantly and right now, it’s an absolute steal for a high-quality outdoor pizza oven and most likely the best outdoor pizza oven on this list.

Cuisinart-CPO-600 Alfrescamore Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven

In competition with Blackstone and PizzaQue, Cuisinart also produces an excellent pizza grill that is more affordable that the Blackstone and compares similarly to the price of the Pizza Que. The Cuisinart CPO-600 portable oven can cook a pizza in less than ten minutes, and in as few as five minutes. Popular features of this grill include its portability, as it weighs only 39 pounds, and measures 18 x 27 x 14.5 inches. The CPO-600 includes built-in handles, a 12” pizza wheel, a 13” cordierite stone, a warming tray, an integrated smoker cup, and a special Cuisinart Pizza Making Guide, so that even the novice pizza-maker can learn to cook the perfect pizza!

This pizza oven was designed to create a portable pizza oven that would replicate a brick oven. It uses 15,000 BTU’s to create high air temperature and an even heating environment. Well-liked by its customers, the Cuisinart CPO-600 Alfrescamore Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven, costs approximately $190 and can be found online and in stores.

Camp Chef Italia 16-in Pizza Oven

If you are looking for a slightly more affordable outdoor pizza oven that can cook pizza similar to a traditional wood-fired brick oven, you may want to review the Camp Chef Italia 16-in Pizza Oven. The Camp Chef outdoor pizza oven is made of solid steel, measures 15.5 x 19 x 26 inches, and has fully adjustable heat to allow you to cook different styles of pizza that you desire! This pizza oven has a built-in temperature gauge, and comes with a cordierite ceramic stone.

The Camp Chef Italia pizza oven features a large cooking surface of approximately 300 sq. in. Additionally, you will receive a Pizza Oven Cooking Guide with recipes included! For just less than $100, this outdoor oven is an easy-to-use, simple, portable oven.

So What’s The Best Outdoor Oven for Cooking Pizza?

Out of all of the outdoor pizza ovens listed above, the nod has to go to the Blackstone. It makes amazing Neopolitain pizza within minutes and the price is out of this world for the quality you’re getting.

Just check out the video below of the Blackstone in action: