The Best BBQ Gloves for Grilling or Smoking

I can’t tell you how many battle scars I have from accidentally touching a hot rack in the oven, on my outdoor grill, my smoker or even some of my indoor grills! Now I always put BBQ gloves on when pulling anything out of the oven or my grill or smoker.

The best BBQ gloves are heat resistant, won’t melt under high temperatures and allow you to freedom to grab a solid hold on whatever you’re pulling out of the smoker or grill.

the best bbq gloves for grilling

BBQ gloves also make great inexpensive gifts for the BBQ aficionado in your life. They’ll thank you for it over and over again.

In this post, we examined and researched the best bbq gloves on the market and came up with the short list below.

Geekhom Grilling Gloves

If you need top-quality heat-resistant gloves, Geekholm Grilling Gloves are a superb option. They are not only heat-resistant, but also waterproof, and feature a non-stick grip design to make it easy for you to grill your favorite dishes!

The Geekholm silicone grilling gloves include an inner heat-resistant cotton layer, with an outer silicone layer to ensure the most safety possible while grilling. These gloves are designed to be more than three inches longer than standard grilling gloves, in order to give you extra protection against grease splashes, heat, and open flames.

Not only are these gloves extremely heat resistant, but they are also very flexible, making them easy to wear, and at the same time they provide excellent insulation and security for your hands. Another attribute of these gloves that make then an excellent choice is that they are easily washed, due to their outer non-stick surface.

These amazingly high-quality gloves can stand up to 446˚F, and they won’t disappoint you! They are available in orange, green, blue, and black, and they come with a 60-day-money-back guarantee, as well as a lifetime warranty!

Ekogrips BBQ Grill Gloves

Another fine option for grilling gloves are Ekogrips’ BBQ Grill Gloves, based on their high heat resistance and unique design. Much like the Geekholm grilling gloves, the Ekopgrips grilling gloves are waterproof as well as heat-resistant.

They provide full protection up to 425˚ and have over 4,000 reviews on with an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars! These excellent gloves come in three sizes, which will fit almost any hand.  These bright orange, insulated silicone oven mitts, are FDA approved, and BPA free.

Customers have reported that they are easy to clean, and are not affected by hot steam and hot juices. One recommendation is to place powder inside these gloves when using them on a hot day to increase dexterity.

One con of these gloves is that if they become very greasy, they can become very slippery. In order to limit the amount of slipperiness that occurs during use you can rely on the texturized dots on these gloves.

The Ekogrips BBQ gloves also come with a lifetime warranty and come at a remarkable price of approximately $18, making them a very competitive set of grilling gloves, when in comparison with other brands!

Artisan Griller Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves

If you are interested in a sleek, simple, but reliable pair of BBQ gloves, the Artisan grilling gloves are designed for barbeque pits and culinary pros. These plain black gloves have a comfortable soft jersey cotton liner that allow your hands to stay cool and comfortable inside the gloves.

The Artisan gloves are FDA compliant, and have a neoprene rubber coating that is flexible and waterproof! The gloves feature a textured surface to reduce slippage, and to ensure the safety of your hands. One con of these gloves is that they are quite thick in the fingers, which can make them a little difficult to handle, if you are not used to this design.

For the price, the quality, and the inner cotton lining, the Artisan Griller Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves are a fine choice!

GoEasy Supplies Oven Grilling Gloves

GoEasy Supplies offers extremely high heat resistant grilling gloves, to protect your hands, when you most need it! These extremely useful grilling gloves can handle up to 932˚F or conversely 500˚C when camping, grilling, cooking, or baking!

Regardless of your favorite method of cooking, these gloves will be sure the protect the chef! They come in a grey color with red grips, and are thick gloves, but at the same time are lightweight, soft, and comfortable! Like other grilling gloves, they feature a comfortable inner layer, and an outer silicone layer to make sure that these gloves provide a solid grip.

They are well-recognized to be high-strength, flame retardant, cut resistant, and machine washable.

Additionally, these gloves come with a 100% money back guarantee for 30 days and a free eBook which includes favorite grilling recipes.

The GoEasy Supplies Oven Grilling Gloves are an excellent purchase, with a low price point and are a competitive option comparing with other brands.