The Best Bluetooth Meat Thermometers

When it comes to cooking meat, reaching that perfect temperature is crucial to having a delicious meal. Undercooked meat can give all your guests food poisoning, and overcooked meat is just plain disappointing. Whether you’re cooking the prime rib for Christmas Eve, the twenty-five-pound turkey for Thanksgiving, grilling for your friends on Fourth-of-July, or cooking yourself a steak on a Tuesday night, you want that meat to taste great!  As we all know, this is not an easy task for a variety of reasons.  A Bluetooth meat thermometer can be a simple solution to this problem.

best bluetooth meat thermometer

The following meat thermometers, all found on Amazon, connect to an Android or IOS App on your phone that can notify you when your meat has reached its perfect temperature, allowing you to entertain your guests, make side dishes, and chase children without overcooking that expensive roast or setting your kitchen on fire!

Here are our top picks for the best bluetooth meat thermometers on the market right now:

MEATER Long Range Smart Wireless Thermometer

The MEATER may be the most expensive option when purchasing a meat thermometer, but that is for good reason as it certainly has the most to offer. Not only can the range on the MEATER be extended by using Wi-Fi, the thermometer is rechargeable and can connect to your Alexa home network! What makes this thermometer really unique is the completely wireless probes; you can use multiple probes without having to plug them all into one thermometer, allowing for greater flexibility while cooking multiple types of meat.

This device will also help to walk you through the cooking process and estimate the cooking time remaining. Aesthetically speaking, the MEATER is stored in a wooden case that can easily match many different types of kitchen or outdoor décor. If you are tech savvy and willing to spend the money, the MEATER is certainly the product for you.

BEKOOC Bluetooth Meat Thermometer 

This five-star meat thermometer comes with six probes, which can all be connected to the thermometer and used at the same time. Unlike the MEATER, the probes are wired and need to remain plugged into the thermometer. What makes this product unique is that the desired meat temperature can be set through the app or directly through the thermometer; the app is not required for use which provides a good option for the less tech-savvy consumer.

The downside to this thermometer is that it is solely battery operated and is not rechargeable. At $49, this is a much more affordable option and also comes with extra BBQ accessories, such as meat shredder claws, high temperature bbq gloves, probe holders, a silicone brush, and a carrying/storage case.

Inkbird IBT-4XS Bluetooth Wireless Grill BBQ Thermometer

If you want better results when you fire up the grill or smoker, an accurate, feature rich grill thermometer is an essential piece of equipment. The Inkbird IBT-4XS has a ton of great features for a $50 grilling thermometer. The Inkbird IBT-4XS has a large LED Screen, rechargeable lithium ion battery (with charging cable) and four temperature probes. The unit pairs with both Android and iPhones via Bluetooth to monitor cooking temperatures within 150 feet. The back of the display is magnetic but it should not be attached to a hot grill or smoker.

The Inkbird comes with 3 meat probes and 1 ambient temperature probe for monitoring multiple pieces of meat and the ambient air temperature in the grill/smoker. Once connected you can set high and low temperature alarms for each probe. If the power goes off or the phone loses connection an alarm will sound. Having three probes is great for keeping track of hotspots in your grill or for simultaneously cooking larger and smaller pieces of meat. Take the guess work out of grilling and smoking by monitoring cooking temperatures from your phone.

Weber iGrill 2 Thermometer

Weber is the standard when it comes to high quality home grills and smokers. Their iGrill 2 Thermometer pairs great with any grill or smoker. The list price for the Weber iGrill 2 is about $100 but it is currently about 50% off. It’s a great deal at $100, but a steal at around $50.

The Weber iGrill has inputs for four probes, but comes with two. The LED display is simple, but when connected to a Bluetooth enabled device via the free app, the whole suite of features reveals itself. With four probes you’ll be able to monitor multiple pieces of meat separately. For monitoring the ambient temperature you’ll need to purchase an ambient temperature probe separately for about $15. Knowing what’s happening in the grill or smoker is as important as knowing the temperature of the meat itself, so purchasing the ambient temperature probe is highly recommended.

NutriChef Smart Bluetooth BBQ Grill Thermometer PWIRBBQ80

The Smart Bluetooth BBQ Grill Thermometer by NutriChef is another great choice for a Bluetooth enabled grilling/smoking thermometer under $50. It comes with 2 upgraded stainless steel probes but can accept up to 6 probes. The meat probes double as ambient temperature probes with the use of grill clips. This model is battery operated (2AA) and has a 200 foot Bluetooth range (100 foot indoor range). The instant read LCD Display is easy to read, but the real functionality comes with the free downloadable EZ BBQ Mobile App. From the app you can easily monitor temperatures in real time, set custom high and low temperature limits and check for target temperatures.

The probes are high quality stainless steel but the wide flange where they connect might be too big to fit through some thermometer ports.

If you want to keep it really simple and under $25, the NutriChef Single Probe Bluetooth Thermometer might be just right. It uses the same Easy BBQ App as the 6 probe version, and monitors the temperature of your meat up to 150 feet via Bluetooth. It’s totally hassle free and uses 1 CR 2032 battery (included).

BFour Bluetooth 4 Probe Grill Thermometer

Right out the box, the 2019 reddot design award winning BFour Bluetooth 4 probe Grill Thermometer has it all. For about $50, it comes complete with 4 stainless steel probes, 2 probe clips for helping measuring ambient temperature and a stylish LCD display. It uses the EZ BBQ Mobile App and Bluetooth 5.0 technology for enhanced range (196 feet outdoor, 100 indoor).

With the BFour Thermometer you can monitor up to four separate temperatures from you phone. You can also set custom high and low temperature limits so you’ll never over or under cook your meat again. It has a 2 year warranty and uses 3 AA batteries (not included).

Inkbird Wireless Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer IBT-6XS

The Inkbird meat thermometer has a price comparable to the BEKOOC and, similarly, offers six wired probes that can be used simultaneously. The device is rechargeable and when fully charged can operate for up to 40 hours! Unlike the BEKOOC, all temperatures and preferences much setup through the app on your phone. The thermometer itself is aesthetically pleasing and also magnetic to easily keep track of.

EVOLAND Wireless Meat BBQ Thermometer

The EVOLAND wireless meat thermometer is a 4+ star product and is also amongst the most affordable. For $15.99 you will receive two wired probes that connect to a thermometer base. The provided app will show the current temperature of the meat, notify you when it has reached its desired temperature, and also notify if you have wandered outside of the range of the thermometer. The device has received great reviews as it is a good product for the price. This is a good option for someone wanting to try this product without breaking the bank!

Which Bluetooth Meat Thermometer is Best for Your Cooking and Grilling Needs?

Whether grilling a well marbled steak over hot coals or smoking a Pork Butt (shoulder) for 12 hours at low heat, temperature control is essential to ensure the meat is both safe to eat and delicious. The thermometer that sticks out of the cover of your grill or smoker is a start, but it’s likely very inaccurate.

There are many different types of grill and smoker thermometers on the market today, but as long as you are making the investment, it might as well access the technology you already own. Bluetooth connected grilling thermometers are the next big thing in outdoor cooking. Monitor your meat from your couch from your smartphone to enjoy perfectly grilled steaks and fall off the bone barbecue.