The Best Crepe Pan For The Money

There’s something magical about those delicious and delicate crepes. When you make them right, they practically melt in your mouth. Making crepes the right way, however, is harder than it sounds. That’s why you need to have a top notch crepe pan to get your crepes looking and tasting just right with the proper appearance and texture.

the best crepe pan

As a crepe lover myself (yes, sometimes I do put away the indoor grills), I’ve experimented with several different traditional frying pans until I discovered that pans designed specifically for making crepes are the only ones that can do it right.

Most crepe pans have very shallow edges allowing you to swirl the crepe batter properly and get a perfect texture every time. If you’ve been making crepes using a regular pan, chances are that you are ending up with overly crispy edges on your crepes because they’re not cooking evenly. A good crepe pan will allow you to cook your crepes perfectly from edge to edge.

In this post, our experts found the best crepe pans on the market to share with you.

Let’s get started with our list of the best crepe pans below:

Cuisinart 623-24 Chef’s Classic Crepe Pan

The Cuisinart 623-24 Chef’s Classic Crepe Pan is a non-stick, 10-inch crepe pan, with a hard-andonized exterior, that is dense and is wear-resistant. This crepe pan costs about $25.00, making it a very affordable crepe pan, without sacrificing on quality.

It is oven safe up to 500˚F, features quantanium interior and a sturdy stainless steel riveted handle that will stay cool while you are cooking. The Cuisinart 623-24 also features a tapered rim that eliminates drips and spills. This model weighs only 1 pound, and measures 3.3 x 16.5 x 10.5 inches and is easy to use and store. This product is highly rated for its quality and durability.

De Buyer Blue-Steel Crepe Pan

An appealing crepe pan in appearance, this blue-steel crepe pan is ideal for preparing light and crispy tasty crepes. The De Buyer Blue-Steel crepe pan is suited to cooking all your favorite breakfast foods, and won’t leave you with an empty stomach! It weighs 2.1 pounds, approximately twice the weight of the Cuisinart 623-24, but it’s weight also attests to its sturdiness.

The De Buyer Blue-Steel crepe pan has a low skirt so that crepes can be easily flipped and turned. Customers have reported that they also use this pan for cooking pancakes, and eggs, as well as crepes. It is recommended that before use the pan, you should season than pan to ensure that the crepe batter will not stick to the pan. Both De Buyer and customers have recommended that in order to properly use this product it needs to properly prepared, before initial use.

It is highly recommended to boil potato peels in the pan prior to seasoning; when you follow this step, you will see a sludge that comes off from the surface. This step cannot be ignored, as it is part of what is required when you purchase a blue-steel pan.

If you are looking for a crepe pan that you can use straight out of the box, this may not be the best crepe pan for you. Although it is a high-quality pan, it requires time and attention in order to make effective crepes! The crepe pan is certainly for the serious crepe chef only!

Neoflam 10-inch Crepe Pan

Do you have a color-coordinated kitchen? No worries, because the Neoflam 10-inch crepe pan is an all-natural nonstick crepe pan that comes in multiple bright colors: chili pepper red, corn yellow, avocado green, and berry blue!

It is known for its bright colors, its even heat distribution, and scratch resistance. Additionally, this crepe pan is PFOA-free, and is designed especially for making healthy thin crepes. Measuring 18.5 x 10.2 x 2.6, and weighing 1.6 pounds, this crepe pan comes in a similar weight and size to other crepe pans.

One con of this pan is that a few customers report that after a few months of use the non-stick feature starts to wear-off, however many other customers have reported that the non-stick feature is very reliable.

It also features a special lip designed to make it easy to slide off crepes when they are finished cooking. This pan retails on Amazon for around $30.00, and is widely loved for its durability.

Nordic Ware 03460 Traditional Stainless-Steel French Crepe Pan

If you are interested in a no-nonsense traditional stainless-steel French crepe pan for your home, you may be interested in the Nordic Ware 03460 11-inch crepe pan. It features a slightly larger cooking area than traditional crepe pans, with 10-inches of cooking space.

The Nordic Ware 03450 is made with aluminized steel construction, and was designed to include a superior non-stick interior, to ensure that you can cook endless crepes for your family and friends! Not only is this crepe pan nice and large, it is made in the USA, unlike other crepe pans, that are commonly produced and manufactured in China.

It does however, have an imported handle. This product is not recommended to be washed in the dishwasher, and is not dishwasher safe. To care for this product properly hand-wash only with soap and water.

This crepe pan also well serves all your breakfast needs, and is excellent for cooking even your favorite buttermilk pancakes, hash browns, and omelets.

The Nordic Wave features a cool-to-touch handle that allows to cook easily, and a sloped edge that allows you to quickly and elegantly removed your finished crepes from the pan. For an amazingly low price, the Nordic Ware 03460 also comes with a 10-year warranty.