The Best Indoor Outdoor Grills

We’re all about indoor electric grills here at Indoor Grill Source. But what do you get when you want have a versatile grill that can be used both indoors and outdoors? That’s the topic of this post and indoor outdoor grills are the topic of discussion.

the best indoor outdoor grill

We asked our experts to research and recommend the best indoor outdoor grills on the market and they delivered. We looked at everything from build quality, price and overall design and durability.

Here’s our list of the best indoor outdoor grills below:

George Foreman GGR50B Indoor/Outdoor Grill

We’ve all heard the name, but George Foreman makes more than countertop grilling solutions. Now you can grill outside, using electric heat instead of wood chips and charcoal, and you can do it with an appliance who’s name you can trust. All the benefits of a typical electric grill, but with the included stand you will have the look and feel of a more traditional barbecue grill, without any of the mess or fuss.

The grilling surface is the same non-stick combination that you are used to with the smaller grills, but much larger and one-sided, so you can flip with a spatula. The surface is sloped to draw fat away from food and into and easy-to-empty tray. The 17-inch grilling surface is large enough for up to 15 servings at a time, which means there will be plenty for everyone.

Plus, the price is nice right now on Amazon, so if you want to have a great electric grill for indoor and outdoor use, this is it.

TECHEF Grill Pan for Indoor/Outdoor Grilling

Looking for something that works just as well indoors and out, is fairly light, easy to transport, and even easier to clean? Then look no further. TeChef has the product you’ve been looking for. The grilling surface is cut from heavy gauge aluminum, and the non-stick surface is a Teflon product that uses many of the same qualities of a first-rate cast iron seasoning to form a rock hard surface that is resistant to scratches from metal utensils.

This is a fire-grill first and foremost, and performs best over a gas fire or a butane stove, but you can also use it right over hot coals. The surface is easy to clean and easy to cook on, and should give you a lifetime of service, whether you are in the kitchen or out in the brush. At 2 pounds, it’s not too much trouble to pack with you in the woods or just out in your backyard. For less than $50, it’s a great deal too.

Hamilton Beach 25360 Indoor Flavor/Searing Grill

Most indoor/outdoor grills aren’t meant for deep woods backpacking, but they are portable, and can be used in most party places where you would like to grill without a fire smoking things up. The Hamilton Beach grill fills that role sell. It will follow you anywhere there is available power. It heats up fast to searing temperature, so it’ll be ready to sear by the time the steaks are unpacked. Small enough to take to the park, or just the back patio, but large enough to keep the food coming for a small gathering where you don’t want to fuss with charcoal and lighter fluid.

The Hamilton Beach Indoor Flavor Searing Grill is one of our favorite indoor grills here at Indoor Grill Source, but it’s equally as good outside with a power source for grilling.

NutriChef Electric Indoor Outdoor Grill Roaster

A sharp looking grill for your next party, whether outdoors or indoors, as long as there’s an electrical outlet or a generator. You can easily add water to use it as a broiler or steamer, and it’s perfectly safe on any surface. No worry about overheating or burning the table underneath. The heating elements are located both above and below food, so if you like, you can set it and forget it, using the grate for leaving grill marks and otherwise only suspending the food.

NutriChef even built a filter directly into the device to reduce smoke. It comes with a timer, too. Easy as a microwave to use for cooking steaks, chicken, or seafood, and the 13.8×7.3 inch cooking surface gives you plenty of room for all of it.

The NutriChef indoor outdoor grill is one of the best you can get for the money.

King of Raclette Rectangular Party BBQ Grill

If you want to be the king of your party, this electric grill will allow for easy cooking for complex meals that are sure to keep your guests entertained. The cook top is half granite, and half stainless steel, so no matter what you are cooking, you’ll have the perfect surface for it. Underneath, four heated trays allow you to cook eggs, sauces, boiled veggies, or anything else that could benefit from a shallow pot. This allows you a truly portable cooking solution for not just barbecue, but nearly any meal you can think of. No need to have a couple pots on the stove inside while searing meat outside on the grill. You can do everything with one device.