Best Large Indoor Grills

It’s time to dispel the common misconception behind tiny indoor grills. If you’ve got a lot of food to grill, you might not even think about trying to grill inside. Learn more about the best large indoor grills for your next family dinner.

best large indoor grills

Chefman Electric Smokeless Indoor Grill

This indoor grill features new technology that greatly reduces that amount of smoke that is produced during the cooking process. This is accomplished by filling the bottom reservoir with water which stops the grease catch on the bottom from smoking.  This allows users to get all of the perks of grilling from the comfort of their kitchen without having to worry about setting off smoke alarms.

It features temperature control knobs that allow users to access any temperature that they might need while cooking. This indoor grill gets hot enough to sear and low enough to cook meat without drying it out. The cooking surface is large enough to accommodate plenty of food and is perfect for cooking for a family or a get-together.

This grill features a wide variety of safety features designed to keep your indoor grilling experience going smoothly. It has a built-in automatic shut off switch that will turn the grill off if it begins to overheat. For the price and wide variety of features, this grill is an excellent choice.

T-fal Optigrill XL Stainless Steel Indoor Grill

This indoor grill packs a lot of power and runs on 1800 watts of electricity. It comes loaded with features that make grilling easy for anyone to do, all from the comfort of the indoors! It features 9 cooking settings all designed for different foods. This indoor grill is intuitive to use and will beep to let the user know when their food has reached their desired level of internal temperature.

It will beep at the rare, medium, and well-done cooking points. If you’re looking to cook without premade settings, and just want to cook the “normal” way this grill also features a manual mode that allows the user to cook at any temperature that they wish for however long. This grill features non-stick cooking surfaces that make it easy to cook food of all types without having to worry about it sticking.

Breville Smart Grill

This grill does an excellent job of mimicking the outdoor grilling experience indoors without having to worry about a bunch of smoke. It features special heat sensors within the cooking plates that allow for even heat dispersal. If you put cold food on to the grill, the sensors will detect this and provide more heat to the area to compensate and provide even cooking. This indoor grill does a great job of searing due to its ability to maintain high temperatures at a steady rate.

It has adjustable temperature controls that work just as well as the temperature controls on “Real” outdoor grills.  It also features a separate flat cooking plate that can be used to cook other foods alongside the meat. The plates are adjustable and can be moved around throughout the grill for your convenience.If you take your indoor grilling seriously and want high tech features, this indoor grill is a great option!

DeLonghi America All Day Grill

The Delonghi American All Day Grill is a large electric grill that can be used indoors. It serves seven different functions and can be used to cook a wide variety of foods. It can be opened up entirely to provide a “full” open grill experience or used closed. This indoor grill also has a broiler setting which can be used to mimic the function of the oven.

The cooking surfaces are removable and dishwasher safe. It features a digital display on the control panel that shows you the temperature that the grill has reached. You can adjust the temperature with the two temperature control knobs. Each cooking surface has its own knob so that you can set the two cooking surfaces at two different temperatures if you need to.

This indoor grill also comes with a cleaning tool and comes with the option of adding a protection plan to protect your investment in this indoor grill.

No Space, No Problem

Indoor grills are famous for apartment owners and college students. If you’re limited on space, you don’t have to forfeit an amazing home-grilled meal any longer. Now it’s time to have a little fun and try all those recipes!