The Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Dedicated pizza enthusiasts can get pretty serious about their favorite food. Does it have enough cheese? How’s the sauce? What about the crust? Did the toppings add serious flavor? While much of that can come down to a matter of preference and there’s still plenty of debate over who makes the perfect pie, pizza aficionados everywhere can agree that a traditional pizza oven is the best way to go. If you’ve ever dreamt of having your own outdoor pizza oven, here’s what you’ll need to know.

There’s surprisingly much to think about when you’re looking to buy a new pizza oven. Are you looking for something that’s portable to take with you on the go, or are you hoping to transform your patio into its own mini-restaurant with an upgrade that will have you nearly taking reservations from your friends? With options ranging from large industrial appliances that would impress a professional to smaller models that make you the most popular person at the tailgate party, there are a range of options for almost anyone’s goal and budget.

the best outdoor pizza oven

Other factors to consider include if you truly want a traditional wood fired oven vs. a gas or propane model, what other accessories you’ll need to buy if the one you love doesn’t come with everything included, and if you want to be able to use it for other dishes like barbecue, sides or steak.

Take a look at this roundup of the best pizza ovens available today, but  you may *need* pizza for dinner after reading this article.

U-Max Outdoor Pizza Oven

Let’s start with a pizza oven that caters to convenience while still being easy on the wallet. The U-Max Outdoor Pizza Oven stands tall in your yard, made with high-grade steel to prevent corrosion (a big plus if you live by the sea) while supporting its wood fired feature with both a dedicated wood storage space and an ash collection tray for easy cleanup. Easy to move around on durable wheels, the built in thermometer means you can keep an eye on the temperature (which can reach up to 700˚) wherever you bring it from your own backyard to a family party or even on a camping trip.

outdoor pizza

As a bonus, all the accessories you’ll need come with it – including a 12×12 ceramic pizza stone, waterproof cover to keep it protected & a pizza peel that will make you feel like a pro every time you use it. This is a great option if you want something that’s medium-weight, reasonably priced, has authentic wood fired flavor and with a little effort can be brought with you anywhere you go. 

Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven & Pizza Peel Combo

If you’re looking more for something you can easily pack up at the end of the day and bring out only when you need it, Bertello’s Outdoor Pizza Oven is a highly recommended choice based on its glowing reviews. With a similar stainless steel exterior to other ovens, the appeal here is really the fact that it can do so much in such a small space. With temps reaching up to 930˚, it can make for a crispier crust using any of its multiple cooking options: charcoal, wood fired, or if you’re willing to invest a bit more Bertello offers an optional gas burner add-on (sold separately).

At a lightweight 30 pounds, it’s easy enough to pack up and take with you tailgating or for a weekend getaway with friends and can cook pizza in as little as two minutes. Being so compact the traditional Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven doesn’t come with many accessories short of the pellet scoop & tray for cleanup unless you go for this specific model, which comes with a pizza peel. Fortunately with this brand, you’re able to choose if you’d like to upgrade to models that come with these accessories or just stick to the barebones oven if you already have what you need.

Summerset “The Oven” Outdoor Built-in or Counter Top Large Capacity Gas Oven

A higher-end option for those looking to make a dedicated “pizza space” in their backyard, Summerset’s “The Oven” is a top-of-the-line option that will not only impress your guests but make some pretty darn good pizza. With many different models, you can choose whatever works best for your comfort & space: liquid propane or natural gas, freestanding or s built-in model that’s meant for a counter top.

Like many other ovens, it’s made with a sleek stainless steel that can match almost anything and holds up well against weather. To prevent damage or wear and tear, “The Oven” comes with a protective cover, non-slip feet kit, and flame tamer. For user ease it also includes three adjustable racks, a grease tray for easy cleanup and of course, a large pizza stone that can heat up to 700˚ (note: the oven only goes as high as 450˚). Some of its more coveted features include the interior light seen through a glass viewing window so you can keep an eye on your cooking, a storage drawer for utensils, and a fancy electric starter ignition. The only downside I can see here is that it doesn’t come with a cool pizza peel.

Maximus Red Wood Fire Oven

A higher-end pizza oven, the Maximus model describes itself as a “work of art” thanks to its unique ceramic tiled floor, glossy red aluminum/steel walls and decorative exterior handmade in Portugal.

It’s more than just good looks: this commercial grade oven is a true investment piece that heats up in just 25 minutes can make up to 30 pizzas an hour with room for two at once. Depending on what your goal is, this can either mean saving tons of time on dinner or if you’re looking to make a profit you can keep up with orders easily (goodbye lemonade stand, hello personal pizza place!). It also has the ability to make other dishes like sides, meat and fish and comes with a one-of-a-kind Portuguese ceramic baking dish to encourage that experimentation with other meals.

It also has an outside temperature gauge set in decorative refractory cement, so you can keep track of the temp. At 130 pounds it’s more of a challenge to move and would be best kept stationary, but it is technically described as portable if you have the muscle and desire to move it.

Cuisinart Alfrescamore Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven

Cuisinart has a hand in pretty much every chef’s appliance on the market, so it’s no surprise there’s an affordable pizza oven with their name on it. According to users, it’s been a hit: this little wonder can cook pizzas in just 5 minutes, can be assembled in less than 10 minutes and is lightweight enough to move around easily.

It’s a major game changer as an introductory model to pizza-making at home if you’re looking for that next step up from the oven, and comes with all the accessories to help make the experience easy. This includes a warming tray, smoke chip cup, cordierite pizza stone, and (yay!) a pizza peel.

Reviewers recommend you keep an eye on your pizza as it’s cooking, turning few times for best results, and not trying to make anything other than pizza in this mini-oven. It’s truly a product intended as a beginner’s guide to pizza making at home, and is perfect for adding a bit of fun flair to family night, couples looking to try a fun new cooking experience, or as an individual gift for the cook that loves to try new things.

Ooni Koda 12″ Outdoor Pizza Oven

It would be a mistake not to include one of the most highly praised pizza makers the market, the Ooni 12. Highly praised for its ability to serve up quality pies, the portable Ooni heats up in just 15 minutes no matter where you take it & has insulated steel for high temps up to 932˚ (yes, you read that right) that can cook within 60-90 seconds.

While this specific model is gas powered instead of the traditional wood fired oven, as long as you have access to the heat source this actually makes it easier to take with you on trips, tailgating, or quickly set it up in the backyard just because you feel like it. (As a note, there are Ooni models that are wood fired and heat up just as quickly such as the Pro 16, Karu 12 or Fyra 12.

It’s all in what you’re looking for: are you looking for something lightweight, compact and easy, or are you trying to dress up a dedicated pizza space?) Either way, Ooni has options – and while it doesn’t come with any of the super cool accessories that other brands include, it does allow you to get creative with the option of making other delicious dishes with it should you want to get adventurous.

SDI Factory Direct Stainless Steel Artisan Wood Fired Pizza Oven BBQ Grill

More of an industrial option, SDI Factory’s Artisan Pizza Oven & BBQ Grill has some pretty sweet features for the advanced chef. With stainless steel construction and a stone surface that heats up quick in 5 minutes, this commercial-grade oven comes with an outside temperature gauge that has a range of 100-800˚.

It has a wide range for a reason: though it’s marketed as a pizza oven, the name itself will tell you this outdoor appliance really has much more potential to be anything you’d like it to be. Designed with the professional cook in mind, the easy slide-out side tables will feel familiar to anyone who’s worked in the restaurant industry and room for storage underneath make prep work a breeze.

Though not easily transportable at 200 pounds, the oven’s locking castors make it so that if you do choose to travel, it won’t be going anywhere. It’s also relatively easy to clean since the exterior needs just a quick wipe-down, and comes with a free wire brush/broom for the insides. As a bonus, it also comes with its own pizza peel and waterproof cover to protect your investment from the elements. 

Chicago Brick Oven Wood-Burning Outdoor Pizza Oven

One look will have you saying, “Now this is a pizza oven!” Though higher priced than most on the market, you’ll definitely get what you pay for in this oven that’s meant for the home chef that knows his or her pizza deserves its own stationary cooking space.

With temps going up as high as 1000˚, this American-made refractory cement oven comes with an install kit that gives the thumbs up for permanent use in either indoor or outdoor spaces. The Chicago Brick Oven comes in multiple colors to match any setting, and includes an accessory package that includes a pizza peel, cleaning brush and thermometer.

This is one of those pieces in which you can really make almost anything you want and it will come out with that flavorful, authentic wood-fired taste restaurants brag about, making it a totally different pizza oven than most of the portable ones you see that you can just pack up and take with you.

However, if you’re looking to top off your outdoor patio with a pizza oven that will make your guests green with envy, you’ve found the one that will make your home everyone’s new favorite place to be.