DeLonghi Livenza Indoor Grill Review

Picture this: it’s a beautiful day. The sky is blue, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and it’s eighty in the sun and seventy in the shade. You decide it’s the perfect day to break out the grill and make some steaks for dinner. You’re halfway through creating the perfect medium-rare steak when the unthinkable happens: it begins to rain. And this isn’t a weak, drippy-drip, half-hearted-mist kind of rain. This is a torrential downpour that makes fish swim for cover. You’re drenched, your steaks are ruined, and you resort to microwaving a burrito and calling it a night.

With the DeLonghi Livenza indoor grill, this nightmare can stay in your dreams instead of becoming reality. You can get all the comforts of home-grilled food without having to slave over a hot grill outside in ninety-degree weather—or fearing every raincloud. The Delonghi America CGH1020D Livenza All Day Combination Contact Grill and Open Barbecue is the Swiss Army Knife of your kitchen. This little sucker does it all.


The Delonghi Livenza boasts three functions. It has a contact grill that can be used as a half or a full grill; this also doubles as a panini press. In addition, it can function as a half griddle or a full griddle. You can flip flapjacks on it in the morning, whip up a panini for lunch, and then grill a steak for dinner. This grill walks through your day with you—in fact, you can even make waffles with it. You have to purchase the waffle plates separately, but then all you have to do is slap them on the appliance and your breakfast menu instantly diversifies. The Delonghi Livenza indoor grill allows you to consolidate your kitchen appliances and expand your cooking repertoire, all at the same time. Half of the grill measures 14.5” x 9”, or you can fold it out to full grill mode to cook with 14.5” x 18”. The size makes it flexible; you can cook for a crowd or just yourself. The Delonghi plates heat up quickly, and the easy-to-use temperature control knob lets you supervise the process with ease.

Versatility isn’t the only feature the Delonghi Livenza indoor grill boasts. Besides its flexibility in the kitchen, this grill is designed for easy cleanup. The detachable plates are coated in Teflon and are dishwasher safe. Rinse them off, toss them in the dishwasher, and you are good to go. This grill optimizes your time as well as the number of appliances you use.


The main downfall to this grill is the price. At over two hundred dollars, it’s not an easy price tag to swallow. However, the value contained makes it worth it. The Delonghi Livenza fills your kitchen’s need for a panini press, grill, and griddle all at the same time. And if you really want to save, pick up the waffle plates to give it four functions. Rather than purchasing those three (or four, if you get the waffle plates) appliances separately, get the Delonghi Livenza and save cabinet space and money.

Another downside to it is the simple fact that it takes up a hefty amount of counter space. Unfortunately, that’s just the reality of it—to have a place to cook, this grill has to take up counter space. If you are cramped for flat surfaces in the kitchen, this may not be a great idea for you right now. In addition, the plates can be a bit unwieldy to store. But if you aren’t budgeting counter space, there’s no reason this grill wouldn’t be an excellent addition to your kitchen.