Do Indoor Grills Create Smoke?

Here’s a question: do indoor grills smoke? Many people think that an indoor grill might end up becoming a fire alarm drill due to smoke. The fact of the matter is that indoor grills do create some smoke, but nowhere near the smoke that your outdoor grill creates. Even the best indoor grills will create too much smoke if you’re not careful.

indoor grill creating smoke from cooking

Naturally, when food is cooked on a very hot surface such as an indoor grill, it will create smoke. This type of smoke shouldn’t be a problem if you aren’t burning your food or cooking on an uncleaned surface.

How to Prevent an Overly “Smoky” Indoor Grill

The first way to prevent excess smoke from your indoor grill is to make sure that your grill plates are clean. Oftentimes, people complain of smoke coming from their indoor grill when they are preheating it. This is caused by either leftover food on the grates or even possibly an electrical shortage inside the indoor grill itself. In most cases, it’s just the result of a dirty grill plate.

The second way to prevent your indoor grill from smoking is to turn down the temperature. Many times people really crank up the temperature on their indoor electric grills and it becomes way too hot causing their food to burn. Then heavy smoke ensues from the food.

The last way to have your indoor grill quit smoking (like that? :)) is to make sure that you put a little bit of oil on the grill plates. You can do this prior to heating up your indoor grill by putting some oil on a folded up paper towel and rubbing it on the grill plate(s) of your grill. This will prevent your food from sticking as well as smoking too much when cooked because the cooking oil will lubricate the grilling surface.


Here’s how to stop your indoor grill from smoking:

  • Turn down the temperature
  • Use oil on the grill plates
  • Make sure your indoor grill’s grill plates are clean before cooking