The Best Indoor Grill for Steaks – A Buyer’s Guide

the best indoor grill for steaksI love a good steak. Preferably medium rare with a nice sear. I’ve been grilling steaks for family and friends for years using a variety of methods including indoor grilling, outdoor grilling, pan searing, under the broiler in my over and even sous-vide. I love using indoor grills to cook steak and have used over 20 different models over the few years that I’ve been indoor grilling. I’ve put together a buyer’s guide for the best indoor grills for steaks below.

What Makes a Great Indoor Grill for Steaks?

Generally speaking, you want a solidly-built indoor grill that won’t ruin a steak by smashing it down and drying it out. You also don’t want an indoor grill with cheap grill plates. What really makes a great indoor grill for cooking steak is cooking power, quality of the indoor grill’s grill plates and temperature consistency.

steak that was grilled indoors

Let me explain some of this. Cooking power refers to how many watts your indoor grill can crank out. This wattage translates into how hot your grill will get leading to a nice sear. When grilling steaks on your indoor grill, you will want to put your steaks on a red-hot indoor grill that can achieve a temperature of 500 degrees or higher to seal in the juices of the steak.

What we don’t want is to grill your steak at a low temperature that will lead to essentially steaming or boiling the steak (especially on an indoor grill) and you won’t get those nice grill marks and seared flavor.

Next is the quality of the indoor grill’s grill plates. You definitely want grill plates that are heavy duty vs. flimsy for cooking a steak.

Lastly, we need temperature consistency. Most indoor grills will hold a consistent temperature over the entire surface area of the grill plate but some others I’ve used are a little spotty where one side of the steak would seem cooked less than the other side.

So now that we know what to look for in the best indoor grill for steaks, let’s get on with my top indoor grill picks for grilling steak indoor.

The Best Indoor Grill for Steak Is…

My top choice is the T-fal Optigrill. I just recently did a full review of my experience with this indoor electric grill and it is outstanding in almost every category from cooking power, ease of use, ease of cleanup and consistent indoor grilling results.

tfal optigrill indoor grill review

It’s also the indoor grill that I use most often for grilling steaks. The Tfal produces such a nice sear on both sides of the steak and doesn’t smash the steak down like some other indoor grills. In fact, grilling a steak on the Tfal Optigrill is basically automated when using the automatic doneness scale cooking settings that allow you to set how done you want your steak and the Optigrill cooks it perfectly every time.

I mentioned in my review of the T-fal Optigrill that I thought the automatic cooking seemed to be a little bit inconsistent for me, but since that review, I’ve heard lots of praise about it so maybe it’s just me.

For an indoor grill that costs a little over $140, the Tfal certainly grills steak similar to that of a steakhouse. It’s really a wonderful grill that works great for grilling everything from steaks to even delicate fish fillets.

Runner Up for Best Indoor Grill for Steak

My runner up (it was close) is the Hamilton Beach Flavor Searing Indoor Grill which I also did a review on recently.

I like the Hamilton Beach for grilling steaks because it works almost like an outdoor grill and also because it has a sear setting that produces really nice grill marks on steaks. I tried a New York strip steak on it a couple of weeks ago and it really did the trick.