List of Indoor Grilling Resources

Below is a list of my favorite indoor grilling resources. These are my favorite “go-to” sites for inspiration and resources for where I buy some of my indoor grilling stuff.

WebMD Healthy Recipes

And you thought WebMD was only where people went for finding out if it’s fungus or an infection.

WebMD actually has a great list of healthy recipes specifically made for indoor grills.

Amazon Indoor Grill Store

As a Prime member, I absolutely love buying everything on Amazon – especially indoor grills.

They’ve got basically everything you need to get going with indoor grilling plus Amazon is my favorite place to buy cooking utensils and cookware as well.

You’re basically guaranteed the best price anywhere on indoor grills and you also get the benefit of hundreds of thousands of genuine reviews.

Food Network Healthy Grilling

This is one of my favorite bookmarks on the web for healthy grilling recipes on indoor grills (or regular grills).

Any one of the recipes on there could be made on an indoor grill.

A lot of the time, I don’t even use the site for indoor grilling recipes. I usually go on there and find some inspiration for what I want to cook next.

AllRecipes Healthy Grilling

This is another one of my favorite sites for recipes in general, but their healthy grilling recipes section is excellent. There are so many amazing good-for-you indoor grill recipes out there! “How to Grill Anything” Guide

This is an excellent guide on how to grill everything by RealSimple. It goes over how to grill everything from kebabs to steaks and even seafood.

There’s a ton of great information here especially if you are new to indoor grilling and don’t exactly know how to properly cook different meats.

Whole Foods Grilling Guide

Another awesome grilling resource is Whole Foods Grilling Guide. It’s really an exceptional resource for anyone who is new to grilling healthy meals.

Mens Fitness Grilling Indoors Guide

I really like this guide to grilling indoors from Men’s Fitness. Straightforward and simple – like how indoor grilling should be.

Although they don’t really mention using an indoor grill, all of the content here applies to indoor grills.

AllRecipes Marinade Recipes for Grilling

I very rarely don’t use a nice marinade prior to grilling food from steaks to even seafood. That’s why I like to periodically check AllRecipes for grilling marinade recipes.

Nothing adds more flavor while reducing the amount of fat like marinading your meet prior to grilling it.

More often than not, I just use the Ziplock bag method: place your meat in a large ziplock bag, then pour your marinade over it.

Did I Miss Something?

If you feel that I missed an indoor grilling resource that absolutely MUST be on this list, please feel free to contact me.

I love hearing from my readers and your feedback really helps me make this site better.