IVATION Sous Vide Precision Cooker Review

Here is a special product from IVATION that is designed with digital timer and temperature control feature to offer advanced functionality to your modern kitchen. Even beginners can cook well with this regulated device.

ivation sous vide machine review

You simply need to put the food ingredients into some vacuum safe bags designed for food items and then place it inside this water bath type oven. Set the cooking temperatures as per your dish and the digital timer alert mechanism will let you know when your delicious food is ready to eat.

In short, the Ivation sous vide machine is one of the best on the market right now for an absolute steal of a price with free shipping.

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Essential Features of IVATION Sous Vide Precision Cooker

This classic precision cooker is designed with so many advanced features that make it suitable for all traditional as well as modern kitchens.

Digital Controls

People love this precision cooker because it allows them to manage other work in the house without having a close watch on food. The cooker will automatically notify you when the food is ready. This added flexibility works like a bonus for busy mothers who need to watch their kids.

Variable Temperature Range

The temperature range for IVATION Sous Vide Precision Cooker varies between 100 degrees F and 205 degrees F. It means this cooker can easily handle a wide range of recipes so that you can please your guests at any time. The soft food items can be prepared on low temperature whereas the tough ones demand high-temperature ranges.

Cooking Capacity

The best thing to know about this digitally advanced precision cooker is that it can handle big amount of meals at a time with its 6.1 liters capacity. That means it can prepare food for 5 members of the family at once.

Audible Alert

The alert alarm is audible enough with an advanced audio mechanism so that even if users are working in some large premises then also they can hear the alert signal and can check their food on time.

Delicious and Healthy Food

When the food ingredients are sealed inside food safe bags and then they are cooked at low temperature then they become able to retain all precious minerals and nutrients. It means your body will stay safe from chemical toxins that are often present in over cooked food. At the same time, this cooking technique leads to delicious meals with tasty flavors.


  • When compared to traditional cooking methods, the precision cooking system ensures cooking temperature ranges very well without causing overheating or overcooking.
  • It leads to healthy and delicious preparation of recipes.
  • This cooker can be easily regulated to maintain even temperature ranges.
  • The advanced timer settings allow beginners to enjoy cooking.


  • If your house faces sudden power blackout then you will not be able to prepare any food for your family.

Here’s the Bottom Line

There is no doubt to say that IVATION Sous Vide Precision Cooker is the perfect choice for every kitchen because it performs all duties very well. You need not compromise on quality and taste of food so it is good to order this budget friendly kitchen companion right now.