Ninja Foodi 5 in 1 Indoor Grill Review

Who doesn’t love grilling? Everyone has their own preferred technique: some use special seasonings or sauces, some prefer charcoal or gas, and some never share their secrets at all!

This universally enjoyed method of cooking is associated with happy memories or summer, camping, and family time.

Unfortunately for many, the joys of grilling can only be experienced outdoors. This limits our grilling options to when the weather is nice and it’s not rainy, windy or too cold.

Ninja Foodi Indoor Grill

Thankfully, indoor grills have recently risen in popularity and there is now a wide variety available on the market. With so many options to choose from, how can you know where to start?

I would recommend the Ninja Foodi Indoor Grill. It is a 5-in-1 appliance that prepares delicious food in a stunningly short amount of time – perfect for those busy weekday nights.

ninja foodi 5 in 1 indoor grill review

Ninja has recently become a household name when it comes to food preparation. Their indoor grill certainly lives up to its reputation.

It features a unique 5-in-1 system that can perform many functions, so you won’t have to worry about another single-function device cluttering up your countertops. It’s also incredibly compact, with a footprint of just 10” by 10”, so it should fit in just about any kitchen, no matter how small.

Our Favorite: It’s Not Just an Indoor Grill

While it is officially branded as an indoor grill, the Foodi can actually also air fry, roast, bake, dehydrate, and grill. That’s right, it is really five products in one!

Ninja uses their unique Surround Searing technology to circulate 500-degree air around your food to ensure that it is perfectly seared on all sides.

This, combined with their high-density grill grate, creates a delightfully charred and seared surface in a short amount of time. It can even bring frozen-solid food to a hot grilled dinner in just 25 minutes!

Best of all, between the temperature-controlled grill grate, the splatter shield, and the cool air surrounding zone, your indoor grill will keep your house virtually smokeless. Due to the Surround Searing, you also won’t even need to flip your food during cooking.

This alleviates the stress of cooking fragile things like salmon or small veggie pieces. However, if you do find yourself needing to move your food around during cooking, the nonstick grill plate makes it incredibly easy.

The air fry function allows you to enjoy the indulgence of your favorite fried foods with up to 75% less fat than traditional oil frying.

Their crisper basket holds up to 4 quarts of food, so you’ll always have enough for the whole family. Better yet, there’s no messy oil to deal with when you’re done. Save on calories and on waste disposal by harnessing the power of electricity to do your frying work for you.

Ninja Foodi 5 in 1: Cleaning Up

Cleanup is also a breeze with the Foodi. The grill grate, crisper basket, and the cooking pot can all go straight into the dishwasher when you’re done using them. No scraping a piping hot grill means more time spent enjoying food and family time.

ninja foodi cleanup

Not to mention (unlike most traditional grills) there is no pesky fuel source to deal with. This means no more last-minute trips to fill up your propane tank before you can get started cooking dinner.

Even better, no hot coals to keep an eye on for hours after you’ve finished cooking. The electric power is also much more environmentally friendly.

Ninja also offers a slightly more advanced version of the grill that includes an integrated Smart Probe for accurate temperature sensing. This version also includes a stainless-steel roasting rack, perfect for roasting whole birds or large pieces of meat worry-free.

I would recommend upgrading to this version if you find yourself cooking large meals at home very frequently. For example, if you’re often the one hosting holiday meals, the grill with the Smart Temperature Probe and roasting rack would be a worthwhile investment.

Our Take on The Ninja Foodi 5 in 1 Grill

You may still choose to have the option of outdoor grilling available to you. After all, there’s nothing quite like that charcoal-grilled taste on a steak or burger.

But as we’ve discussed, an indoor option is great for so many reasons. Not only do you not have to factor in weather events, you also don’t have to wait for your coals to light or your grill to heat up if you decide last-minute that you’re craving a grilled dinner.

The Ninja Foodi is also portable, so you could bring it with you somewhere that you anticipate cooking a lot but are unsure if you’ll have access to a grill. Lastly, it functions as so much more than just a grill. It is also an air fryer, a roaster, and a dehydrator.

If you’ve ever found yourself wanting one of these valuable tools, but hesitant to add yet another appliance to your kitchen, the 5-in-1 Foodi Grill is a great option for you.