Why I Love to Grill Indoors

I started indoor grilling about 2 1/2 years ago and have absolutely fallen in love with it since. I rarely touch my pots and pans anymore and I’ve lost about 40 lbs since starting to grill indoors (with the proper diet and exercise regimen).

The reasons why you would prefer to use an electric indoor grill to cook food for your family or yourself are many. I thought I’d compile a list of reasons why I love indoor grilling to show others what a great way to cook this is.

Using an Indoor Grill is 10x Easier than Any Other Cookware

First and foremost, for those of us like me that have a bit of a “culinary handicap”, indoor electric grills make it so much easier to prepare food.

My newest indoor grill, which is a T-Fal, makes it super easy to cook everything from steaks, chicken, brats  or even homemade pita bread. It has different settings which set the perfect temperature for whatever you’re making.

It’s Healthier

I love the fact that indoor grilling also cuts down on the amount of oil or fat you have to use to grease the “pan” or grill plate. I usually just put a bit of canola or vegetable oil on a folded up paper towel and just wipe down the grill plate before heating it up.

Compare that to searing a piece of meat on a skillet or pan where I need to use about 2-3 tablespoons of oil or more.

Cleaning Up is Easy

Cleaning an electric grill is so easy. Most indoor grills nowadays allow you to remove the grill plate or cooking surface for easy cleaning. You can even put the grill plate in your dishwasher.

I love to grill entire meals on my indoor grill so there’s little else to clean after dinner apart from the grill itself and the plates we ate from.

Everything Tastes Amazing On An Indoor Grill

Do you like grilled food? I LOVE grilled food. There’s nothing like a nicely grilled chicken breast or steak. Similar to outdoor grilling, you get nice grill marks on your meat and veggies off of the indoor grill. If it looks good, it tastes good, right?

It Cuts Down On Cooking Time Drastically

I used to make a big production out of meals. Then I realized that literally half the time “cooking” was actually spent preparing, waiting and cleaning.

Using an indoor grill to cook your food saves so much time, it has amazed me at how much time it has freed up for me.

Here’s an example, just the other night I made an awesome grilled chicken caesar salad. It took me about 5 minutes to get the grill ready and prep my raw chicken breasts. Then I slapped them on and in about 12 minutes the chicken was perfectly cooked.

Another 5 minutes was spent cutting the cooked chicken breasts into cubes, adding to salad, then adding in some croutons, caesar salad dressing and a little bit of Parmesan cheese and I was ready to go. That’s a total of 22 minutes spent on an awesome dinner!

Indoor Grilling is Perfect for Busy Lifestyles

By the time I get home from work, the last think I want to do is spend 2 hours cooking a meal. Why waste the time when I could have a great, healthy meal prepared within half an hour?

Everyone that I’ve ever gifted an indoor electric grill to has been absolutely elated after using it. Even Grandma likes to use her indoor grill I bought her last Christmas and she’s a hardcore home cook!


Using an indoor grill to cook most of my meals has been so fun, easy and has really saved me a TON of time. If you’re not looking forward to cleaning pots and pans on a weeknight, indoor grilling is for you. If you spend more time with your family and friends than cooking, an indoor grill is your friend. If you want to eat healthy meals and lose some weight, grilling indoors can definitely help with that.