Top 4 Gnocchi Boards

There’s nothing like fresh homemade pasta. The taste and texture are second to none. With the right recipe and a little practice, fresh made pasta is in the wheelhouse of even the most amateur home chef.

Gnocchi (literally meaning “lump” in Italian) is a wonderful Italian dumpling that is surprisingly simple to make using a tool called a gnocchi board.

Fantes Gnocchi Board

The Fantes Gnocchi board is made in Italy from beechwood and measures 8 inches. This board is the Italian Market Original since 1906, referring to the Italina Market in Philadelphia, PA. If this board has been around for over 120 years, they must be doing something right. At about $6 the price hasn’t gone up much since 1906.

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The Fantes Gnocchi board has an easy to grip handle and the bottom of the board is angled to make rolling out the gnocchi easier.  Clean up is easy. Just wipe down with a dry cloth or brush.

The basic premise of all gnocchi boards is that they assist a cook in rolling a small piece of pasta dough into the classic Italian pillowy-soft gnocchi.

The board’s ridges add texture to the dough, while keeping the delicate dough from being flattened. Another way to create gnocchi is with a fork, but at the risk of damaging the soft dough.

Eppicotispia EP-89 Garganelli and Gnocchi Stripper with Paddle

The Eppicotispia Gnocchi Stripper is a mouthful, but it is super easy to use both for making garganelli and gnocchi. It’s also made in Italy of beechwood, but instead of having a handle, this paddle sits directly on the table top.

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Eppicotispia is an Italian company located North of Milan. Their products are made by artisans in the traditional Italian style. This Gnocchi board costs less than $10, and should last a lifetime.

Happy Sales Gnocchi Paddle

Another Italian made Gnocchi board, this wooden paddle creates ridges in the pasta to hold more sauce and give texture. It’s 8 inches in length and is hand washable.

The bottom of the paddle is flat as opposed to being angled for easier use.  It costs under $9, so it’s another great option for home chefs wanting to make pillowy soft gnocchi.

Cuisinox GNO-21 Gnocchi and Cavatelli Board

The Cuisinox is very similar to the other paddle style boards. It is lightweight and made of beechwood. The dimensions are similar to other boards and the bottom of the paddle is flat. The biggest difference appears to be the price. This paddle is about twice the price of the other paddle style boards at about $15.

Cuisinox is a Canadian company and makes many of their products in China.