Top Yakitori Grills

Yakitori is a hot new food trend in the US. It refers to a style of Japanese skewered chicken, but loosely refers to cooking small pieces of meat over a Japanese style, table top grill. With the right charcoal it can even be done indoors.

Style Mbro Japanese Yakiniku Grill

This Japanese Style Yakitori grill is probably the “cutest” charcoal grill ever to hit the US market. It’s small enough to fit on a tabletop and is the perfect size for small skewers of chicken or other meats. And it’s only $35.

top yakitori grills

Cute doesn’t describe its construction. The grill grate and charcoal box are stainless steel. The body of the grill is aluminum and the stand is paulownia wood. At 5” X 5” X 4” fully assembled, this grill is perfect for an apartment, condo or even a tiny home.

You might even be tempted to keep one at work to cook up a few yakitori skewers on your desk at lunchtime. Especially when using the grill inside, you’ll want to choose a clean burning charcoal, such as a binchotan style charcoal or the less expensive Thai equivalent.

The Syle Mbro is easy to clean. Just empty the ash and hand wash.

NOTO DIA Table Top charcoal grill

The Noto DIA Table Top Grill is as beautiful as it is useful. Made in Japan, this grill comes in several sizes. The largest table top grill costs about $88 is approximately 6” X 11” X 5”.

The grill itself is painted diatomaceous earth with a zinc plated iron grill mesh. The wooden base is paulownia wood. It’s hand washable.

Like all charcoal Yakitori style grills the Noto DIA uses binchotan or Thai style charcoal because it burns very clean with little ash and low smoke. This earthen grill is perfect for cooking for one or two people. It is certainly a conversation starter.

Fire Sense Large Yakitori Charcoal Grill

The Fire Sense Large Yakitori Charcoal Grill is yet another Japanese grill that is designed for grilling skewers and other meats.

Its 17” x 10” grill grate is suitable for cooking several skewers at a time. This grill features handmade clay construction, a sturdy chrome grill grate and adjustable ventilation for ultimate control over the grill temperature.

yakitori grill

The Fires Sense is only about $53 and should be used outdoors but stored inside, as clay is sensitive to water damage.

Best Charcoal for Yakitori Grills

Ippinka Kishu Binchotan BBQ Charcoal

You’ll get the best results cooking with a Yakitori Grill if you use the right charcoal. The traditional charcoal is Japanese Binchotan charcoal.

It is high grade, chemical free, 100% natural charcoal made from Japanese oak. It burns very clean and with very little smoke. At about $56 for 3 pounds, it’s a very expensive charcoal.

Pok Pok Thaan Thai Style Charcoal Logs

An alternative to the traditional Binchotan charcoal comes from Thailand. It also burns very cleanly, with little smoke and is made from sustainably harvested rambutan fruit wood. This charcoal is considerably less expensive at about $15 for 5 pounds.